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About company

“Law Center “ADVEKON” LLC was founded in 2005 by means of separation from “ADVEKON” LLC organized in 2001. Since 2005 the company has a permanent list of sharers - three partners, citizens of the Russian Federation.

The General Director of the company is Generalova Nadezhda Borisovna, graduated from the Saint Petersburg State Technical University with the qualification of “Lawyer”, employment history since 1997.

The company has the same location for all years (legal and business addresses are the same): “Grazhdanka” branch: 195220, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Grazhdanskiy pr. 22, office 8N (3-12).

In 2012 an additional “Nevskiy” branch was opened at following address: Russia, Saint Petersburg, Aleksandra Nevskogo square 2, 3rd entrance, office 304.

The staff of the company, including invited barristers and contractors, is 35 persons.

We offer the full range of legal services. The difficulty of tasks to accomplish is the highest. The working experience of our specialists is much longer than the work period of the company. Some lawyers and barristers have a legal practice of many years (more than 20-30 years). The work is held basing on legal provisions with use of all richness of legislation. We use the principle of distribution of specialization in our work - different specialists have profound knowledge of various institutes of law. In case of complicated tasks a teamwork is used which is beneficial in respect of quality, solution simplicity and time frames.

Taxation system is simplified (income), VAT exempt.

Principle of work: business transparency, openness for colleagues and customers.

Our customers (countries and regions) in decreasing order in respect of works amount: Russia (Saint Petersburg, Leningrad region, Moscow, Moscow region), Israel, Germany, France, Spain.

Core audience: citizens and legal entities.

In 2009 our staff was awarded with a legal services quality mark - the only one in Saint Petersburg.

Order of rendering of legal services to companies

A legal services agreement is concluded to start the work. The payment is made in non-cash way. A main lawyer is assigned for a customer company acting on behalf of an executor and a second lawyer (deputy). The permanent communication is realized via the main specialist who ensures the order fulfillment by efforts of the company staff distributing and delegating the powers by oneself.

Timeframes of order fulfillment depend on the chosen legal services price plan (30000 - 120000 rubles per month).

The costs of legal services not included in the price plan of a legal services agreement are shown on the informative site pages according to a subject.

One-time services to citizens and organizations

- Legal advice;

- Representation of interests in Arbitration court and Regular courts;

- Pretrial dispute resolution;

- Anti-raider measures, actions for assets return;

- Business organization and support;

- Real estate transactions;

- Property protection;

- Hereditary, housing, family relations questions;

- Minimization of taxation, etc.

Customers’ references

For the years of work our company receives a number of letters of gratitude and recommendation. It is possible to view some of them on our page /about/otzivi/

Our help is required

During 13 years of work our specialists won more than 1700 trials. Lawyers and barristers of our center respect the rules of professional ethics, privacy of data, completeness of service, honesty, kindness towards any customer and high level of services.

We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation!

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